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We use the latest equipment, tools, and software to service cars accurately and professionally. We complete the repairs efficiently and right the first time. Our technicians and employees are committed to providing exceptional service with honesty and integrity, setting an excellent standard for the automotive repair industry.

Engine Services
Car Checks
Oil & Brake Services

Did you know that an engine replacement can be one of the costliest repairs you can make on your car? Worse still, most engine malfunctions can be avoided with better preventive maintenance. Palomar Automotive takes the welfare of your engine seriously and offers several services to prevent the need for future engine replacement.

Transmission Services

The transmission is one of the most crucial components for ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your vehicle. Without proper maintenance, its operation can be hindered, with noticeable effects on the quality of your ride. Transmission problems usually cause violent grinding noises, gear slipping, hard shifting, and other serious interruptions to your driving.

When was the last time you looked at your car’s owner’s manual? If you’re like most people, you probably only pick it up when something goes wrong with your car. But if you dig it out from under all the old receipts and insurance cards, you’ll actually find a lot of helpful information.

Tire Services

As long as our tires are full of air and keep our vehicles rolling forward, we often assume that they’re in good condition. But there are other important considerations when you’re assessing the condition of your tires, including the overall wear of the tread and any uneven wear that results from the natural functioning of your car. In many cases, a tire rotation can alleviate this potentially dangerous situation.

Perhaps no part of automotive maintenance is as routine as getting your oil and your oil filter changed. Most of us accept this as a minor expense that comes a few times a year, but few drivers appreciate just what can go wrong when an oil change is not done properly. Our professionals have time and again serviced cars that have started to suffer because of careless oil changes.

Battery Services

Palomar Automotive provides its customers with honest and dependable auto repair service. If you think your battery is wearing out, we can check to see if it’s in good shape. A surprise dead battery is never fun, and simple checkups can save you the hassle of being stranded.

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